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Do you want to increase the number of people who share your content on social media and increase the amount of time they spend on your blog or website? There’s no better way to do it (aside from the high-quality content) than by utilizing some of the best free WordPress Social Media plugins. Given the large number of them available, we compiled a list of the ones we recommend.

Take a look, investigate, and select the option that best meets your requirements.

It’s a way to increase traffic to your blog or site from a user interface standpoint by assisting Google in determining the value of your content. While some may argue that those small buttons aren’t all that important, studies show that they can improve visitor experience and conversions. Having a well-designed and implemented Social Media widget or plugin that engages visitors is an important step toward increasing your visibility. The more people who share your content, the more valuable it becomes and the more signals Google receives that your content is important. Using a plugin to manage your Social Media buttons and overall presence can help you rank higher in organic search. But, before you get started, here’s why you should use a Social Media plugin in the first place. If you’re still unsure, read Moz’s guide to social signals for SEO.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here are some of the best free WordPress Social Media plugins for you to choose from.

Poster FS

If you’re looking for a unique

Sharing your posts on social media is a waste of time. Allow the FS Poster plugin to share posts on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

FS Poster is a fantastic tool for automatically publishing WordPress posts to the most popular social media platforms. You can also use FS Poster to schedule posts, republish previously created posts, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the demo for free!

Plugin for WordPress Share Buttons by AddThis

A free plugin that connects you to over 200 different social networks and web platforms. AddThis is more than just a social sharing plugin; it also includes social analytics, floating options, and is highly customizable to meet your needs. Additionally, you can use the Related Posts feature to increase your on-site engagement even more.

You’ll need to sign up for a free AddThis account to use the analytics feature.

Much better To Tweet, simply click here.

A simple social network plugin that allows you to share your post quotes to Twitter directly. In no time, you’ll be able to create tweetable content that allows readers to easily engage, interact, and share your key messages.

Blog2Social is a social media auto-posting and scheduling service.

Allow a plugin to do some of the work for you to save time. You can share not only your own content, but also content that has been curated for you. Free of charge, Blog2Social will share, republish, auto-post, and schedule your blog content across social media. Currently, all of the major social networks and forum-like websites are supported.

It has advanced features such as support for more social networks, the ability to add a photo to each automated post, scheduled content curation, a time manager, and more. This free plugin also comes with a premium version, which costs $79 per year.

Mashshare – Share Buttons for Social Media

It includes a number of social media icons as well as an email subscription button. With this free and customizable Social Media plugin, you can increase your traffic and visibility. It’s based on the popular Mashable magazine and is designed to work well with Facebook and Twitter. Mashshare is a service that allows you to optimize social sharing on your blog. The design is simple and elegant, and it works well on any type of blog or website. If you like Mashable’s approach to designing social media sharing options, you’ll love this plugin.

The starting price is €39. There is also a premium option for more advanced users or businesses.

Easy Instagram Widget by Meks

Your go-to Instagram management tool is Easy Instagram Widget. Apart from free and premium WordPress themes, Meks also creates a number of useful free plugins. You don’t need Instagram permission to use images, and you can use them with either your Instagram username or a specific hashtag. A lightweight and smooth plugin that allows you to display good-looking Instagram photos with just a few clicks.

You can also use multiple usernames, hashtags, and combinations – all of which are supported by this free plugin. Install it and see how it fits; we’re confident you won’t need to look for anything else.

Smart Social Widget by Meks

Another one of our free Social Media plugins. One of them is this Smart Social Widget, which allows you to customize and modify your Social Media icons to best suit your aesthetic needs. Choose from over 100 social icons in three different shape types, as well as a custom size. If you want to make your SM buttons stand out, this is a good way to do it.

NextScripts: Auto-Poster for Social Networks

This is a fantastic free plugin for automating the process of sharing your content on social media. Simply use this plugin to automatically publish anything you write on your blog or site to over 30 different social networks and blog accounts. This plugin does it all, from auto-submitting your posts to another blog platform to sharing on various social networks with customizable messages. Some of them will be done directly, while others will be done with the help of a third-party API library, with more networks to follow. With MailChimp (have you seen our recent article on how to use MailChimp for WordPress? ), you can even automate email campaigns.

This plugin’s pro version includes additional features such as unlimited accounts for each social media network, random auto-reposting, scheduled and delayed posting, and more. The starting price is $49.95 per year, but it decreases depending on whether you purchase for one or multiple years.

Auto-Post to Social Media to Resurrect Old Posts

You can select a time frame for resharing posts, as well as the time of day, the number of posts to reshare, and whether or not to include or exclude specific categories or posts. This plugin automatically reshares your blog/site content to various Social Media platforms, which is another great way to speed up some aspects of your day-to-day work. It helps you promote old content without having to search for it and share it manually, as the name implies.

The Pro version supports more Social Media accounts, allows you to create custom share messages, post with images, and has a custom schedule, among other features. This plugin is available for €75 and includes a year of updates and support.

Buttons for Social Media

A free social network plugin with advanced options and tools to improve your visitors’ engagement and interaction. It has fully customizable options for positioning sharing buttons wherever and whenever you want them. You can choose between an inline or sidebar position in the free version, as well as experiment with animation features.

$19 is the starting price. The pro version gives you more flexibility with position as well as additional color customization, custom post types, and other features.

Feather for Social Media is a plugin that helps you manage your social media accounts.

Aside from social sharing, there are buttons for email sharing, Reddit, Tumblr, and other sharing website networks. It’s also one of the few social sharing and bookmarking plugins that supports Retina and high-resolution displays in its entirety. Freemium social media plugin with a number of features to help you share your content and improve the overall usability of your blog.

The premium version includes several add-ons such as a grey fade effect, additional social icons, and a light prompt, all of which can be purchased on the official site.

Flying Icons for Social Media

This plugin is simple to set up and manage, and it will instantly improve the look of your blog or website. Make it more enjoyable and engaging to interact with your readers! Allow them to float around your blog, following readers as they scroll up and down your posts. The freemium plugin Social Media Flying Icons breathes life into your sharing buttons. Choose from 30 Icon Themes to personalize your buttons, set them to appear automatically, or use them as a widget – the choice is yours.

There’s also a premium version with more advanced features, including the following:

  • Effects when you move your mouse over them
  • Verticalize Floating Icons
  • Possibility to Select a Fly Start Position
  • You have the option of selecting the fly’s end position.
  • In Share Mode, customize the MouseOver text for each icon.

Buttons & Icons for Sharing on Social Media

More than 200 social media platforms are covered, as well as email and RSS share icons. Aside from that, with 16 different design types, you can customize those share icons to best suit your esthetic. A social media plugin for WordPress that is freemium but has a lot to offer. You can also make them float or stick, add animation to them, and play around with how they interact with your readers. Download it and begin tailoring it to your specific requirements.

The premium version includes additional features such as pop-up options, more customization options, and tools to help users improve their experience. An upgraded version of this plugin costs $125, but if you’re lucky, you can get it for as little as $25 if you catch a deal!

Web Suite for Social Media

A fantastic way to boost your social media marketing and visibility: This is the tool to use if you want to schedule and automate the sharing of your content on social media. Social Web Suite, a plugin that we detailed in a recent post, is no longer a stranger.

WPZOOM’s Social Icons Widget

A free Social Media plugin that supports over 80 social networks comes with over 400 custom icons to choose from, as well as the ability to further customize its appearance and usability. Also supported by this plugin is contact information, such as:

  • Numbers to call
  • Skype is a service that allows you to
  • Viber is a messaging app that allows you to
  • WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you
  • electronic mail address

It helps you manage social interaction and engagement with your visitors and is quick and easy to set up.

Social Conflict Plugin for Social Sharing

A free plugin that works with six major social media platforms:

  • Facebook is a social media platform that allows
  • Twitter is a social media platform that allows
  • Pinterest is a social media platform that allows
  • Google+ is a social media platform that allows you
  • LinkedIn is a professional networking site.
  • Surprisingly,

Social Warfare allows you to connect and manage social network buttons, allowing you to place them wherever you want:

  • Above the content of the post
  • Below is the content of the post.
  • Above and below the content of the post
  • Neither (nor) (nor) (nor) (nor) (

Click-to-tweet quotes are another useful feature that allows you to create tweetable quotes from within your posts or pages.

It includes 9 additional social networks as well as additional features such as: There’s also a premium version if you want more addons.

  • It’s all about the percentage.
  • Posts with the most shares are the most popular.
  • Image creation for Pinterest on its own

and a lot more

For a single site, the price starts at $29 per year.

Socializer extraordinaire

It has appealing features such as: Over 100 social netforks are supported, and there are several customization options to improve the plugin’s appearance and functionality. It allows you to manage your social logins, shares, and comments all in one place. A free plugin that aids in the management of various social networking features.

  • To use in sharing, enable url shortening.
  • For sharing, use a horizontal and vertical (floating) layout.
  • The user’s basic social profile data is synced with their WordPress profile.
  • Allows users to log in to your website using their existing social network IDs.
  • BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce are all supported.

Finally, some thoughts

In any case, out of thousands of free WordPress Social Media plugins, these are the ones you should test and try for your needs. Some are all-in-one solutions, while others are more focused. These plugins will help you achieve better visibility, sharing options, and meaningful interaction and engagement, among other things.

Please let us know which one you chose and if you think there are any others that should be added to this list.

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