WordPress Plugin Development for Professionals (eBook, PDF)

WordPress Plugin Development for Professionals (eBook, PDF)

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    Learn how to use the WordPressplugin API to create plugins: more You’ll discover a useful,… With advanced plugins and this professional development guide, you can now extend it for personal, corporate, and enterprise use. Use hooks, save custom settings, create translation files, secure your plugins, assign custom user roles, integrate widgets, use JavaScript and AJAX, and create custom posttypes. Developing advanced plugins for WordPress to take it to the next level WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Internet, and it’s used to create self-hosted blogs and websites.

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    • Professional WordPress Plugin Development (eBook, PDF) by Brad Williams €32.99 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbs
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    • Professional WordPress Plugin Development (eBook, ePUB) by Brad Williams  28,99 €
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    • 3 109,00€ nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp – 8% tolino gleam

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