The Top 10 WordPress Social Media Plugins for 2021

We’ll show you some of the best social media plugins for WordPress that you can use right away in this article. There are so many social media plugins for WordPress that it can be difficult for newcomers to pick the best one. Do you want to know what the best social media plugins for WordPress are?

What Should You Look for in a Social Media Plugin for WordPress?

Because these plugins require additional stylesheets and scripts to load, they can cause your website to slow down. The main issue with most WordPress social media plugins is their performance. See our article on how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time for more information.

A feature-rich social media plugin can become less useful if it slows down your website and degrades the user experience. Your WordPress site must strike a balance between features and performance.

The next step is to decide which social media sites will be featured prominently on your website. By reducing the number of options available, you can reduce clutter and improve the user experience.

Many social media plugins allow you to display social icons in the sidebar, below the article, or before the article, among other places. You must decide how you want them to appear on your site and whether or not the plugin supports that option.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress social media plugins.

1. Social Photo Feed of Smash Balloons

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your recent Instagram photos in a beautiful way. Do you want to use WordPress to show off your Instagram photos?

The feed can then be displayed anywhere on your site, including posts, pages, and sidebar widgets, using the available shortcodes. In order to use Instagram, you’ll need to create an Instagram access token.

You can even combine several Instagram accounts into a single feed. It also allows you to customize shortcode parameters to create multiple feeds.

See our guide on how to make a custom Instagram photo feed in WordPress for more information.

A Facebook feed plugin, a YouTube feed plugin, and a Twitter feed plugin are also available from Smash Balloon.

2. Counts that are shared

Shared Counts is a WordPress social media plugin that is quick and simple to use. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Yummly, and LinkedIn are among the most popular social networks included.

It’s also possible to enable it for custom post types. There are several button styles to choose from, and you can decide where the button appears (before or after the content, or manually).

The plugin tries to calculate the number of social shares for each network. You can also display the total number of shares across all networks.

3. Share on Social Media in a Sassy Way

Sassy Social Share is a powerful WordPress social media plugin with a lot of features. Many different social media websites are supported, and you can include buttons in post content as well as a sticky floating social menu.

It also has a social share count feature. You will, however, need to use a third-party service to retrieve those stats, as with many other social media plugins.

Both standard and floating social bars have positioning options in the plugin settings. The plugin includes three different icon styles: rounded, square, and rectangle buttons.

4. Include in Any

AddtoAny is a social media sharing tool that can also be used as a WordPress plugin. It includes a universal sharing menu, floating and standard social sharing bars, and a variety of social media platforms.

When compared to other similar tools that offer global social sharing buttons, AddtoAny has a smaller performance footprint. It can display the number of social shares without requiring a login and integrates Google Analytics.

5. Buffering WordPress

Buffer is a popular social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. The WordPress to Buffer plugin allows you to have new posts automatically added to your Buffer account and shared on your social media profiles.

See our guide on how to use Buffer to schedule WordPress posts for social media for more information.

6. Icons for Social Media

Colors can be selected, and then URLs for social media accounts to be displayed can be entered. Simple Social Icons displays social media icons in a sidebar widget, as the name suggests.

It’s simple to use and has little effect on performance. It only has a few social media platforms that cover all of the most important and popular services.

See our tutorial on how to add social media icons to your WordPress sidebar for more information.

WPZoom’s widget 7. Icons of Social Media

The Social Icons Widget adds social media icons to your WordPress sidebar with ease. Three icon styles are available: rounded borders, round, and square. If you want, you can also use custom colors for the icons.

After activating the plugin, go to Appearance ยป Widgets and drag the Social Icons widget into your sidebar. Replace the default URLs with your own social media profiles, or add a new service by clicking on add more.

8. WordPress Login with Social Media

Allow users to use their social media accounts to register, login, and comment? You can do just that with WordPress Social Login.

It also has user insight modules, a user manager, a contact manager, and a BuddyPress component. It’s simple to use and works with a variety of social media platforms.

9. Resurrecting Old Posts

This could consume a significant amount of your time. You need to post more frequently on all of those accounts to expand your reach and keep users engaged on social media.

It also allows your users to interact with and discover popular content on your website. The Revive Old Posts plugin allows you to share old posts to your social media accounts automatically. This enables you to maintain your social media accounts.

See our guide on how to automatically share your old WordPress posts for more information.

10. Tweeting with a Better Click

Better Click to Tweet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add similar click-to-tweet quote boxes to your posts. Many popular blogs have customized quote boxes that allow users to easily share the quote on Twitter.

Please see our article on how to add click to tweet boxes in your WordPress posts for more information.

You might also be interested in our step-by-step WordPress SEO guide for beginners. We hope you found this article useful in your search for the best social media plugin for your WordPress site.

You can also find us on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials if you enjoyed this article.

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    Will a Tiktok Icon be released any time soon?

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    We’re using the shared counts plugin for our site, with some design tweaks.

    First and foremost, thank you for sharing such useful information. I’d like to know if using IFTTT with WordPress is difficult.

    It may take some time to figure out how it works, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    How do I get a social media post to appear on my website’s page?

    I’d like to include a link to one of my social media posts on my website. Every time I make a post on Facebook, the same post appears on my website.

    Is there a plugin or a way to do this………………&#8230

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    For what it sounds like you’re looking for, you might want to check out Smash Baloon.

    What social icon plugin do you have installed?

    It appears to be very light and loads quickly.

    We’re using shared counts from

    What’s the name of the plugin you’re using? Your rectangular horizontal Social Share buttons, as well as the total shares, are fantastic. Thank you so much,

    For the time being, we’re using the shared counts plugin from our list of best social media plugins for WordPress:

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    By using inspect element, which we explain in our guide here:, you can see the CSS we use on our site.

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    I tried a few, but they all offer pages and auto-posting / publishing, but none for woo-comm products. Any paid or free plugin that can be set up to post to a few social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and others) I’m looking for a plugin that will automatically publish my WooCommerce products rather than the standard WP posts and pages.

    Greetings, Vikas.

    Check out IFTTT:

    Can you tell me which plugin you use in WP Beginners for social sharing?

    We’re currently using the shared counts plugin, unless I hear otherwise.

    I use addtoany, but the share count occasionally resets to zero. Is it related to cache plugins?

    If the problem persists, you may want to contact the plugin’s support team for advice. That is most likely the case.

    I’m a huge fan of Shareaholic!! This is a must have plugin.

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    On my blog, I use Sassy Social Share, which is a good social sharing plugin.

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    Greetings, Sassy was fantastic. Matt (Matthew) Thank you so much for this post; it’s fantastic. Which plugin (if any) are you using for your horizontal share buttons; they appear to be quite nice.

    As a result, this is not a valid recommendation for 2018… The Simple Social Icons plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year, and it hasn’t been tested with any newer WordPress versions.

    Hello, Chris.

    We still recommend the plugin because it works well.

    Chris makes a great point. 3. Serious developers release updates with every major release of WordPress core, so I’ll pass on this plugin because the developer isn’t committed to his product. A plugin that hasn’t been updated in over a year tells me that the developer isn’t concerned about security or cares enough about his product to keep it alive. 1. Because there are thousands of systems out there, it must be tested and vetted against the most recent versions of software in order to avoid bugs, deprecated functions, security updates, and WordPress core releases. Who is putting that to the test? 2. Security is critical – many apps work well until they clash with other plugins or have holes – serious flaws, for example. I don’t think the plugin developer will do it. The response “It works great” is not acceptable.

    Hello, Danny.

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns, and we completely understand them.

    It has over 200,000 active installs, and some of their best-selling themes use the underlying code. Plugins are frequently tested by the developers, and because popular plugins have a larger user base, issues are reported more quickly. StudioPress, for example, one of the largest theme shops and the creators of the popular Genesis theme framework, created the Simple Social Icons plugin. That is why we have such high confidence in our recommendation.

    If one solution makes you uncomfortable, you can always look for another and give it a shot. This article, for example, lists ten additional social media plugins that you can use. The benefit of WordPress is that you have a lot of options.

    I installed EA Share Count, but the count does not work, despite my repeated attempts. Is there any additional coding or customization I need to do?

    I’m new to blogging and would like to know what plugins I’ll need for my site. Thank you.

    Could you please tell me which plugin you’re using? Thank you for sharing this. I’m looking for the plugin you have installed on your website.

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    Which of the top three apps, EA Share Count, Sassay Social Share, and AddtoAny, is the most highly recommended? This is a fantastic list.

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    EA Share Count is extremely fast and well-coded.

    On this blog, what social sharing plugin are you using? Hello there.

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    We use a custom plugin that was created specifically for our websites.

    Is there anything you’d like to say about it? It appears to be very tidy and straightforward.

    Is there a WordPress plugin that allows you to share on YouTube as well as Facebook and LinkedIn?

    Is Sassy Social Share only compatible with the Sassy WordPress theme?

    I’m curious how these compare to what’s already included in Jetpack. This is an excellent article.