Check for Potential Conflicts

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    The plugin allows you to disable/enable plugins and/or activate a default theme for the sole purpose of detecting conflicts between them for your IP address; other users will not notice any changes during the tests.

    This plugin offers a very convenient way to check the issue. It’s designed for WordPress developers, technical support engineers, and regular users. Strange issues can arise from time to time, usually after updating your plugins, themes, or WordPress installation.

    Features of the Plugin

    • Only the active plugins for your IP address should be changed.
    • Only your IP address can change the active theme.
    • To apply these settings, add more IP addresses.
    • Reset the parameters
    • Multisites should be supported.


    • Activate the MU plugin
    • Page of options
    • Page dedicated to plugins
    • Page dedicated to themes


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    Developers & Contributors

    This plugin was made possible by the contributions of the people listed below. Check Conflicts is free and open source software.

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      Do you want to learn more about development?

      Check out the code, the SVN repository, or the RSS feed for the development log.

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