Troubleshooting with Plugin Detective

specifics Observations Advancement a brief description The problem plugin can be quickly deactivated once the culprit has been identified. Plugin Detective assists you in quickly and easily identifying the source of a problem on your website. You can even fix your site if it has a fatal error (white screen of death). You’ll want to … Read more

Check for Potential Conflicts

specifics Observations Advancement a brief description The plugin allows you to disable/enable plugins and/or activate a default theme for the sole purpose of detecting conflicts between them for your IP address; other users will not notice any changes during the tests. This plugin offers a very convenient way to check the issue. It’s designed for … Read more

Four Lakes uses Cloudways to power their clients’ websites… Updates and new features. Tatum is Here in WordPress 5.8! How the Cloudways Platform Aids Agencies in Becoming More Successful at…

Part of that process included replacing hard-coded data with options that future plugin users could configure. I haven’t built a new WordPress plugin from the ground up in a long time, but I recently decided to turn some code that was only useful to me into a fully functional plugin that I could distribute. I … Read more

How to Make Custom WordPress Admin Pages

Originally published on April 12, 2019 Hector Farahani is a writer who lives in Iran. Currently being worked on 3 responses Extending the admin side of WordPress is one of many possible customizations and flexibilities that can be mentioned. We’ll show you how to use WordPress custom admin pages to give users more options in … Read more

Hello, Universe!

It was built in PHP and can handle everything from blogging to commercial websites. In this article, I’ll show you how to make a WordPress plugin that adds a menu item to the admin console and creates a page for it. In fact, WordPress is used for both our blog and our website. One of … Read more