60 WordPress Developer Interview Questions and Answers

These 30 WordPress Questions should be on your mind before hiring a WordPress developer to ensure that you get the best candidate for your company.

The person who provides proper and accurate answers to these questions is ideal for your company. Having a thorough understanding of these WordPress Questions and Answers qualifies you as a WordPress expert.

WordPress is a free open source content management system that focuses on friendliness, performance, security, and ease of use for everyone. WordPress also has a lot of useful features and functions for creating websites for any type of business. Great software that requires minimal setup, is simple to use, and predictable. 1. What is WordPress and how does it work?

Q2. How secure is a WordPress-based website? WordPress, as an open source platform with numerous security plugins, is secure, but it still requires regular updates to avoid hacking and data loss.

Q3: What are the system requirements for WordPress to run?

  • PHP in its most recent version
  • MySQL 5.6 is the latest version of MySQL.
  • Apache’s mod_rewrite module
  • Support for HTTPS

Q4: When was WordPress first released? WordPress was first released in 2003.

Is there anything a WordPress website can’t do? WordPress can be used to create e-commerce sites, membership sites, photo exhibitions, and any other type of website you can think of. Q5. Does a WordPress website have any limitations? Is a list of the most frequently asked SEO questions and answers for WordPress. There are no restrictions because the site is built using HTML code that is similar to that of other websites.

WordPress is used to create everything from simple websites to web blogs, complex entryways and venture sites, and even applications. WordPress now controls over 28% of the internet, and this number is growing every day. Here are a few of WordPress’s best features. Q6. Describe some of WordPress’s features.

  • Simplicity is the key.
  • Distributing devices that are less complicated
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Management of clients
  • Management of the media
  • Theme System That Is Simple
  • Plugins provide simple extensibility.
  • Upgrades and installation are simple.
  • Support in Multiple Languages
  • I worked in the Comments System for a while.
  • Types of Custom Content
  • Encouragement

WordPress Plugins are pieces of code with at least one capability written to extend and improve the functionality of an existing WordPress site. Q7. What is a WordPress plugin? WordPress comes with a list plugin.

WordPress provides both free and paid plugins. WordPress development plugins are the most important features for developers when building WordPress sites; these plugins play an important role in configuration, realistic reasoning, and nearly every other aspect.

Plugins, on the other hand, provide custom capacities and features, allowing each client to tailor their site to their specific requirements. The core of WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight in order to improve adaptability and reduce code bloat.

The list of plugins that come with WordPress installation is as follows.

  • Akismet is an anti-spam service.
  • JetPack is a program that allows you to travel
  • SEO by Yoast
  • Plugins for sharing on social media
  • Themes by iThemes
  • SEO All-in-One
  • 7th contact form
  • Pages and Posts
  • Plugins for sliders and widgets
  • Registration of Users
  • WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell
  • Total Cache for W3

The contents of WordPress are saved in the server’s MySQL database. Q8. What is the location of WordPress content?

Q9. What are the differences between WordPress posts and pages? In WordPress, the content types are Posts and Pages.

Posts are organized and recorded in a chronological order, with the most recent posts appearing first. Posts are intended to be shared and discussed.

They are sections that will last forever. Pages with static content, such as an about us or contact us page, will have static content.

Q10. Is it necessary to have a blog to use WordPress for a website? WordPress began as a blogging platform, but it has since grown in popularity as a website platform as well. Having a blog is still commendable because it will aid in the improvement of your website. It is not necessary to have a blog in order to use WordPress.

One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it comes with a built-in SEO search engine. Q11. Is WordPress beneficial in terms of SEO? Will Google index the website? Similarly, you can use an additional WordPress plugin to aid SEO and help you rank on a well-known web search tool like Google.

Is the interviewer’s second set of general WordPress questions and answers. Furthermore, it is supported by some minimal effort Linux has, making it simple for anyone to have their own website. MySQL is a widely used database server that is also extremely fast. Q12: What is the purpose of MySQL in WordPress? Why is MySQL used by WordPress? It is an open source project that is free to use.

If WordPress is already installed, you must first log in as the administrator and then change the settings. Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder? Q13. Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder? It is possible to rename the WordPress directory.

URI of WordPress: URI of blog: URI of blog: URI of blog: URI of blog: URI of blog: URI of blog: URI

After you’ve implemented the changes, you can rename the folder or index that contains the WordPress file.

WordPress has a lot of advantages. Q14. What are the advantages of using WordPress?

  • Upgrades and installation are simple.
  • Search engine for SEO built-in
  • Themes that are simple to use
  • Adaptable
  • Friendly to the user
  • Suitable for developers
  • More than 70 languages are available through Multilingual.
  • Plugins that have been highlighted
  • Mobile-friendly and shortcodes

Q15. What are the rules that must be followed when developing WordPress plugins?

  • Make a folder for the plugin.
  • Make a unique name for yourself.
  • Make a subfolder for PHP files, translations, and assets in your project.
  • Fill in the header information in the main plugin file.
  • Create a function for activating and deactivating the device.
  • Make a script to uninstall.
  • Make a file called readme.txt.
  • To detect paths to a plugin file, use the appropriate constants and functions.

Q16. What are the different types of hooks in WordPress and what do they do? In WordPress, there are two types of hooks.

  • Hook for action
  • Hook for filtering

Users can use hooks to create a WordPress theme or plugin with shortcodes without having to edit the original file. Filter hook only allows you to include content or content near the end of the post, whereas Action hook allows you to embed extra code from an external asset.

Q17. In WP, how do you enable debug mode? By editing the wp-config.php file and setting the WP_DEBUG constant value to true, you can enable debug mode in WordPress.

Q18. What is the default prefix for WordPress tables? The WordPress prefix is wp_.

Q19. How many tables does WordPress come with by default?

3.wp_links 2.wp_users 8.wp_term_taxonomy is a WordPress term taxonomy. WordPress comes with 11 tables by default. 11.wp_comments wp_comments wp_comments 4.wp_commentmeta wp_commentmeta wp_commentmet wp_terms_10 7.wp_posts wp_posts wp_posts 5.term_relationships_wp_wp_term_relationships_wp_term_re 9.wp_usermeta wp_usermeta wp_usermeta 1.wp_options wp_options wp_options 6.wp_postmeta wp_postmeta wp_postmeta

WordPress uses PHP code to display posts, which is referred to as a loop. What is the WordPress loop, Q20?

Q21. What should you do if your WordPress file has been hacked?

  • Install security plugins such as iThemes and WP security first.
  • Reinstall WordPress with the most recent version.
  • All users’ passwords and ids should be changed.
  • Make sure your themes and plugins are up to date.

Q22. What are the WordPress template tags? The template tag is a WordPress code that tells WordPress what to “do” or “get”.

If you make changes to the parent theme, any update will make the changes permanent. The Parent Theme is supplemented by the Child Theme. Q23. What is a WordPress Child Theme? When you use a child theme, your customizations are safe from updates.

Q24. What is the most important feature that you look for in a theme? Theme selection varies depending on the requirement, but a perfect theme would be one that does not limit the number of pages, plugins, or static landing pages that can be used.

What are WordPress importers? Importers are WordPress plugins that allow you to import a large XML document with any number of records. It allows you to import Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, and Users data into an XML file. 25th question

What exactly do you mean when you say “custom field” in WordPress? Q26. In WordPress, what do you mean by a custom field? Custom fields are also known as post meta. Post meta is a WordPress feature that allows current writers to include additional information when writing a post. This is a WordPress Advanced Interview Questions and Answers question. Clients can then use layout labels in their WordPress themes to display this metadata as needed. This information is saved in WordPress as metadata in key-esteem sets.

Q27. In WordPress, how do you disable a comment?

  • To disable a comment in WordPress, follow these steps.
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and log in.
  • Go to the menu of options.
  • Select Discussion from the Settings menu.
  • Uncheck the box that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles”.
  • Save your changes by clicking the button.

You can use the WordPress query function to run any SQL query on the WordPress database. Q28. How do I use WordPress to run a database query? Other WordPress database functions such as get_results, get_var, get_row, and get_col can be used to answer more fundamental questions, such as selecting data from a table. grammatical structure It’s best used when you need to run explicit, custom, or otherwise complicated SQL queries.

Q29: Which WordPress multilingual plugin is the most effective? WPML is the best WordPress multilingual plugin.

Yes, when users log in, WordPress uses cookies to verify their identities. Q30. Does WordPress employ the use of cookies?

Why does WordPress use MySQL? 31.

  • The MySQL features listed below enable MySQL to be used in WordPress and make it simple for anyone to create a website.
  • Database server availability
  • Extremely quick
  • Source code is freely available.
  • Free of charge
  • Many low-cost Linux hosts support it.

In which situations do you not see a plugin menu? Question 32. It does not include the ability to add a plugin. When a blog is hosted for free on wordpress.com, you won’t be able to see a plugin menu.

Additionally, if you do not have a WordPress administrator account, you will not be able to see the plugin.

Simultaneously, you may be locked out if you paste the code in an incorrect location. This is very likely to happen if you tried pasting code from a website into the wrong format. Q33.What happens if you are locked out of the WordPress admin and see a blank screen when visiting your website?

It can also indicate that your IP has been blocked, resulting in a black screen on your website.

If you want to make a contact form in WordPress, you can do so with the help of the Gravity plugin. There are also options to use the free contact form 7 plugin. Here’s the answer to one of the most frequently asked WordPress questions. Q34. What plugins are available for using in WordPress to create a contact form?

As a result, a static front page gives their page a look and feel similar to a real website page, but with more functionality. Q35. In WordPress, why do you need to use a static front page? Some users want a WordPress installation to make their website more useful than just a blog.

Q36: Why isn’t the widget visible in the sidebar? If you decide to use a widget, make sure your theme supports it.

If you can’t see the sidebar, it means the ” function.php” file, or one similar to it, isn’t doing its job. If this is the case, the sidebar must be visible.

You may also have forgotten to refresh the page’s older-looking display. There’s also a chance it’ll happen if you forget to save the changes in the widget’s area.

Question 37. The only difference is that you can use plugins and choose from a variety of themes with different characteristics. What’s the difference between a wordpress.org site and a wordpress.com site? Creating a site on wordpress.org and wordpress.com is nearly identical.

WordPress sites only work with activated plugins and are completely unconcerned about deactivated plugins or other issues. Q38. Can deactivated plugins cause a WordPress site to slow down? No, the deactivated plugins will not cause your WordPress site to slow down.

When compared to wordpress.org, WordPress.com is considered to be more secure because it can limit the themes. Q39. Why is wordpress.com thought to be more secure than wordpress.org?

Plugin installation is also not possible on WordPress.com. However, the security of your website on WordPress is dependent on how your hosting company operates.

It also depends on the steps you’ve considered taking to address your WordPress site’s major security issues.

If the following situation occurs, you will be unable to recommend your WordPress site to your clients: Q40. In what circumstances should you advise your clients against using WordPress?

  • If your client is working on a project that isn’t based on a CMS,
  • In the event that your client’s company uses an intranet solution.
  • If your client’s website wants to enable more complex or innovative e-commerce features,
  • If your client’s sites necessitate a more customized scripting solution,

Q41. With WordPress, how do you make a static page? You must upload the PHP file from the page section of the theme folder to the server if you want to create a static page on your WordPress site.

It will allow you to add any of the pages to your blog and search for what you want. Then you have to choose it as your template. It will remain completely unchanged.

Q42: Which CMS is considered to be superior to WordPress? When it comes to ease of use and popularity of a convenient CMS, WordPress is without a doubt at the top of the list. Drupal has been revoked for providing the highest level of security. There are, however, Drupal and Joomla, which are widely regarded as two of the best CMS for building websites.

Q43. Do you have the ability to update the content on your WordPress site? The type of site determines how you update your content using WordPress. On the site, you can easily update your content. It also depends on the type of project you’re working on.

The custom post type is compatible with a lot of recommendations. Q44. Which is better for plugin development: custom post types or custom database tables? Though no specific reference exists for plugin development, it is dependent on the type of plugin you need to create.

One must make a decision based on the plugin development requirements. The custom database table, on the other hand, has more advantages than the custom post type.

Q45: Is it possible to write a series in WordPress? If you want to write a series in WordPress, you should use the series plugin’s organizing features. Yes, there are ways to organize a series of plugins, as this is one of the most frequently asked WordPress Questions and Answers.

Is WordPress compatible with Amazon web services such as EC2, EBS, RDS, and others in terms of hosting? Question 46. Yes, you can use Amazon web services like EC2, RDS, and EBS to host your WordPress site.

As a result, it’s best to avoid tampering with the WordPress core file. Q47: Why shouldn’t the WordPress core file be hacked? The reason you shouldn’t hack the WordPress core file is that whatever you do with it must be reworked as a patch.

The keywords and descriptions that come with the option to display information about the page or website are referred to as meta tags. Q48. What are WordPress’s meat tags?

Take a look at the answer to one of the most frequently asked WordPress questions: Q49. Describe the components that appear on the WordPress home screen.

  • Dashboard menu: From the left corner of the screen, the dashboard menu component on the home screen provides a menu navigation option for posts, pages, media library, and comments.
  • With a click on the customize your site button on the Welcome component from the home page, you can customize the WordPress theme. The last column also contains links to widgets, menus, comment settings, and so on. A center column contains useful links for page creation, web page front end viewing, and blog post creation, among other things.
  • Checkboxes with show/hide on different screen options are also included. Screen options: The screen option on the homepage includes a variety of widget displays that you can show or hide on the screens. Simultaneously, it allows you to personalize the various sections of the admin screen.
  • Quick draft: The quick draft includes a mini post editor that allows you to write, save, and publish posts directly from the admin dashboard. This also includes the title and draft, as well as some notes about the draft and the option to save it as a draft.
  • Activity: The activity on the home screen allows you to see the most recent comments and posts that have been published. You can also move the comments to spam at the same time. It also includes the ability to reply, delete, edit, approve, or disapprove comments.
  • WordPress News: The WordPress news section on the home screen displays the most recent information about WordPress software updates.
  • At a glance: This component on the home screen displays a summary of the posts, numbers, pages, and comments on the blog area.

WordPress includes built-in SEO search engine benefits. You can easily get an additional WordPress plugin to help it with SEO rankings so that it appears on the first page of a search engine like Google. Is it possible to gain access to a WordPress site’s SEO in order to make it appear on Google’s first page? 50th question.

Q51: What is the difference between character 23 and character x23? The octal 23 is represented by the number 23, while the hex 23 is represented by the number x23.

On WordPress, all objects are passed by value. Q52. Are objects passed by value or by reference in WordPress?

Q53: What are the different types of pages in WordPress? One of the most crucial WordPress Questions and Answers is this. On WordPress, the pages are not to be confused with the posts.

You can also include various pages that contain information or details about the user and the site. On the site, the pages are static and do not change frequently.

On the front page of your blog, the posts on your site are listed in reverse chronological order. Q54. Describe WordPress posts: WordPress posts are included with the blog writing and posting option on your site.

Q55. In WordPress, how do you edit a comment? The area goes to the Comments option from the panel. You must use your WordPress site’s dashboard to edit a WordPress comment. You can then select edit to edit a comment before publishing it on your WordPress site.

Q56. In WordPress, what is a moderated comment? Visitors’ comments on a post that you haven’t yet published directly, unless the admin provides it, are referred to as moderate comments.

It’s known as moderation. The option “Comment must be manually approved” must now be checked. If you want to change the comment moderation settings, go to the dashboard area and select Settings.

On WordPress, how can you restrict comments to only registered users? Here’s the answer to one of the most frequently asked WordPress questions. Question 57. To allow only registered users to comment, go to the Discussions area under the Settings option and check the ” Users must be registered and logged in to comment” option.

The basic steps to installing WordPress on your system are as follows: Q58. What are the basic steps for installing WordPress on your system?

  • Begin by downloading and unzipping the most recent version of WordPress from the official website.
  • On your system, you must now create a database for WordPress.
  • Find wp-config-sample.php and rename it to wp-config.php. The database information must then be entered.
  • The WordPress files should then be uploaded to your webserver.
  • Now you must open the URL in your browser and run it.
  • Complete the basic information, such as the title, username, and password, and then begin using the site.

Q59. In WordPress, how many different types of user roles are there? In WordPress, there are several different types of user roles and user types. Here’s the answer to one of the most frequently asked WordPress questions:

  • Authorship
  • Role of the administrator
  • Editor’s job description
  • Role of a contributor
  • The role of the subscriber

Here are some of the different methods you can use to ensure security: Q60. How do you make sure your WordPress site is secure? Because data is at stake, ensuring the security of your WordPress site is critical.

  • Use a password and a username that are both unique.
  • To combat the Brute Force, you can take precautions.
  • Consider keeping the plugins, versions, and themes updated on a regular basis.
  • Use anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • A WordPress security plugin can be used.

One of the most frequently asked WordPress questions is how to add a custom dynamic sidecar. Q61: How do you create a custom dynamic sidebar in WordPress? In WordPress, the side bar refers to the area where you can use your widgets in conjunction with the theme.

The area is also known as the Widgetized area. The sidebar can be created by calling the register_sidebar function with one of the parameters associated with the widget area setting option.

You can use separate functions called ‘widgets_init’hooks to wrap the $args array and register_sidebar(). The syntax codes are as follows: To add a sidebar to WordPress, use the register_sidebar () method.

This blog will assist you with the best questions and answers that the interviewer will ask you during the interview. Let’s wrap things up! These 60+ WordPress Questions and Answers will assist you in learning the basics of WordPress and preparing for a career as a WordPress developer.

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