The combination of a well-designed WordPress theme and a functional slider contributes to the attractiveness of a website. Sliders are one of the most popular plugins for WordPress websites. The number of plugins available for WordPress sliders is vast; learn about the five most popular sliders and their benefits in the following sections.

Team Updraft’s MetaSlider

The MetaSlider is currently in use in over 800.000 active installations.

Test out the free version; a paid version with additional features is also available. As a result, you can create a slide show to your liking in just a few steps. A preview is available in the admin area, and the image size can be adjusted. User-defined effects and animations are also available. Images can be dragged and dropped into place, and image captions can be added quickly. You can use the Pro version to create animations using CSS3/HTML5 and video files, among other things. MetaSlider currently supports four slider types: Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider, and Responsive Slider. The MetaSlider is one of the most popular WordPress sliders, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. Practical: This WordPress-Slider can optimize SEO-data automatically.

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Huge-IT’s Responsive Slider

Huge-IT’s Responsive Slider imports a large number of images and includes additional features.

The Webdesigner integrates the Slider into user-defined areas using a Shortcode. The ability to import a large number of images at once and manage them with drag-and-drop is particularly useful. With the paid version, you can make Sliders out of blog posts and Video Sliders, among other things. As a result, the Slider will be tailored to your current theme. Huge-IT’s Responsive Slider not only looks great, but it also comes with a number of useful features for your blog.

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MotoPress Responsive Slider

The Responsive Slider for WordPress supports Drag&Drop and is optimized for mobile devices.

The Responsive Slider is another user-friendly WordPress slider that includes the Drag&Drop feature. You can create an unlimited number of Sliders that are fully responsive and display perfectly on any screen. The design has been optimized for smartphone use, the slides are SEO-friendly, and you have complete control over the display. Three slider types are included in the feature set: Custom-Slider, Beitrag-Slider, and WooCommerce-Slider. Every individual has the ability to adjust their own requirements.

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Averta’s Master Slider

The Master Slider is a powerful tool with a lot of features and design options.

Current browsers, as well as older Internet Explorer versions 8 and up, display the Master Slider correctly. Auch der Master Slider has been used over 100,000 times and impresses with a large number of features. The Pro-Version, which is available for a fee, includes additional features such as a Facebook Slider and WooCommerce integration. Berührungs- and Wisch-Gesten are supported for improved smartphone or tablet operation. The free version includes a few effects and eight themes, but despite its many features, the plugin is still lightweight. The design is responsive, and the image selection is hardware-accelerated, which is particularly beneficial for mobile devices. CSS3 and jQuery are used to create the effects.

More information about the Master Slider can be found here.

Soliloquy Lite is a light version of Soliloquy.

In its Lite version, the Soliloquy Slider is one of the best free WordPress sliders.

The responsive WordPress Slider, with its powerful features, is one of the best products. The Drag&Drop-Funktion, which supports videos and image sliders, is one of the highlights. The responsive design ensures the best possible display on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The Slider is equally at home on blogs as it is on corporate websites. In independent tests, the Soliloquy Slider outperformed other Slider-Plugins in terms of speed, making it a particularly good choice when the loading speed needs to be as fast as possible. Soliloquy has a good reputation in the WordPress community, and the developers have already proven themselves with a number of products. It also works with WooCommerce shops’ product sliders.

More information about Soliloquy Lite can be found here.

Plugins for WordPress-Slider – Summary

Possibly, the enhanced features will be considered for you in the future. Consider whether you can customize the Slider to match the design of your website, as well as the additional features of the pricier Pro-versions: Click on the link to the WordPress-Slider that interests you and test out the features and functionality on the demo websites provided.

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